John Tanner – the man behind the Computer

Hello and welcome! I have decided to put together a short Bio to introduce myself and to let you know what I am all about.My Goal from this is to tell you a little bit about me, to share a few of the experiences in the journey which has brought me to where I am today.

The world is all about relationships!

If I were to sum up how I see the world, it would come down to a single word… ‘Relationships’

Every new interaction you engage in the offline or online world is the creation of a new relationship. At times this may be a brief relationship, never to be visited again, but this starts a relationship which initiates a change.

The thing about a relationship is it can either help you to raise to great heights, or if managed poorly, can end up with you hating your own existence.

If you’re going to grow as a person or a business you have to foster new relationships whilst developing your existing relationships.

Hey, I have to admit I’m not perfect and I’ve had my fair share of burnt relationships in my time. But I’ve definitely fostered 100 times the relationships than I have damaged and understand relationships reflect your success and business acumen.

Living in a changing world

Back in the day, I started out as an apprentice at Jaguar Cars in Coventry and graduated as a computer programmer for their IT department. But when Ford bought the company, they didn’t need Jaguar’s systems and the whole IT department got made redundent.

This early experience made me realise you have to adapt quickly to survive.

After a few years programming for the logistics company TNT, I took the plunge to go solo and become a contrat programmer and spent time working at Massey Ferguson and Peugeot Cars before having to  travel further afield to get work, spending 2 years in Edinburgh helping develop the internet bank Intelligent Finance and another two years in Glasgow for Royal Bank of Scotland.

When the banking crisis happened in 2008, contract work dried up and I decided to reinvent myself helping local business with their online marketing.

Coventry Lifestyle

Over the years, Coventry has changed dramatically, it was the home of the motor industry, full of specialist engineering companies. In the past, there was a job for life, but today things are very different  with more and more people setting up micro businesses on their own.

Running your own business is very different from being employed as there are so many aspects to learn.

A few years back I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to buy a bar in Thailand. It didn’t take too long for reality to kick in and I sold the bar on. When I look back this was a dark hour, but also one of the greatest moments of clarity as I came to realise I couldn’t do everything myself. I learned if I were to write down the method and systemize how to perform a task, I could actually get someone else to do it!

I knew they’d never be as effective as I was, but I also knew this meant I could free up my time to work on my business and more importantly my lifestyle.

The System To Freeing Up Your Time

Once I had figured out this little puzzle everything changed. I was able to systematize important parts of my business, which would in turn allow me to continue to develop relationships with my suppliers and customers. The labour intensive tasks were running themselves and I started to develop a lifestyle and more importantly a relationship with those around me.

Entry into the online marketing

My entry into the online world came through friends and family. I’ve always been able to adapt, so by listening to the problems clients faced I was able to come up with solutions.

I started by recovering a website from a developer that went bust and went on to use my passion for photography and technology to create promotional videos.

The money I made I reinvested in training, learning about the ever changing world of social media and techniques to get found online.

SEO Services

The training courses opened up a new world and I was frequently talking to people all around the world, sharing tips and techniques. One conversation opened the door for me to become a UK agent for SEO and Reputation Marketing services so now I have access to 285 specialist staff who help me project manage solutions for clients.

My storey isn’t over as I’m constantly learning new skills and helping local business get more clients by marketing online with specific strategic campaigns and goals.
It’s having a plan that makes all the difference.
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