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How To Fix The WordPress White Screen Of Death

29 Sep No Comments monkey White Screen of Death

If you can’t get into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and only have a blank white screen when you try — you most likely have a conflict of some sort. Here’s where I would start: Login to your Host Account and select File Manager. Rename your plugins folder in wp-content from:

Guide To Google My Business

10 Jul No Comments monkey Google +

  This is an interactive guide created by Simply Business. Click on the guide and select any of the boxes to open up more information. Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

How to View Related Posts with Hashtags

7 Feb No Comments monkey How To ,

In this really short video I share a tip on how to flip through related posts for a subject using the hash tags provided by google. This technique allows you to see related information to the post your reading without having to search for hash tag content.

How To Format Google+ Posts

2 Feb No Comments monkey Google +

In order to add emphasis to specific words or phrases, it is possible to add formatting by using special characters at the start and end of the formatting. There are currently only three types of formatting; Bold  *bold* Italics  _italics_ Strikethrough  -strikethrough-   To edit a post, click the arrow

How To Use Hashtags In Google+ Posts

1 Feb No Comments monkey Google +

Hashtags are a way of labelling content which allows the author of a Google+ page to group content together when making posts and anyone reading Google+ posts to search for more information around a specific topic.  How do I create a hashtag? A hashtag is effectively a word inserted into

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