Online marketing and social media is like a puzzle.

  • The puzzle being to get your message found.
  • Understanding how clients find your products and services.
  • Using the right social platforms for your business and your customers.

To solve the online marketing puzzle, you need to be able to see the picture on the box and the pieces need to be the right way up.

One Marketing Strategy believe the foundation is building a five star reputation.
Click on the image below, starting with reputation, to learn about 4R’s marketing.

online marketing method diagram of the 4 r's

One Marketing Strategy can help expain what the different pieces are and what’s needed for your own business objective.

You probably have a lot of questions.

  • Can Facebook & Twitter help my business?
  • What Social Platforms do I need to have a presence on?
  • Should I use online classifieds?
  • How do I create a consistent brand with so many platforms?
  • Would a mobile website help more customers to find my business?
  • How can I get customers to recommend my business and share testimonials or coupons?
  • Why doesn’t my website rank well on search engines?

One Marketing Strategy aren’t like other online marketing companies. We’ve helped many business in Coventry & Warwickshire get their message found online and we can help you.

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