29 Sep No Comments monkey White Screen of Death

If you can’t get into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and only have a blank white screen when you try — you most likely have a conflict of some sort.

Here’s where I would start:
Login to your Host Account and select File Manager.

  • Rename your plugins folder in wp-content from: plugins  to: pluginsOLD.
  • This will deactivate all plugins.   See if you can login.If you can you know a plugin is the bad actor.  Stay in your dashboard and go back in via FTP and reinstate the pluginsOLD to plugins.
  • Now you can go into your dashboard and reactivate plugins one-by-one to determine the culprit.

If after deactivating plugins you still cannot login, it is probably your theme. Change your theme’s specific folder name to themenameOLD that will deactivate your active theme.